Premiere in Germany of «EMPALAOS – RITUALS»

«Empalaos» first episode of Rituals (7 x´22), in medium-lenght Doc. Competition at
GOLDEN TREE «Roots and Inheritance of Culture» 2019.

Text from Golden Tree info web:

The Festival´s aim is to bring together the world’s attention on documentaries and spread quality films worldwide, explore the source of the culture of different civilizations and countries all over the world using camera lenses and promote mutual exchanges and learning.

Nearly 100 top experts and scholars from all over the world have given their full support, and tens of thousands of professionals from over 100 countries have taken part in the festival. There are screenings, awards, forums, investment, trade exchange, and other activities. The festival has become an important bridge and platform, linking eastern and western documentaries.

“Countries have borders, but culture knows no limits.” Documentary films serve as an important medium for cultural exchange between different nations. The Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival invites all young filmmakers of the documentary film industry to participate – there are no borders. The Golden Tree exposes the view that documentary film directors and producers utilize their own perspectives in making the projects. Individual creativity should be paramount. The festival aims at providing artists from around the world with a platform for equal exchange as well as mutual profit and development.

The Fourth Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival will be held from October 10th to 13th, 2019, in Frankfurt am Main on the theme of “Roots and Inheritance of Culture”. It discusses the cultural origins of different civilizations in the world, tells stories of inheritance of different national cultures, and discovers the charm of cultural heritage and innovation. There are Opening Ceremony, Film Screening, Forum, Joint Meeting Hall, Awarding & Closing Ceremony on site.

More info at: Rituals

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