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Descripción de proyecto

¿Cómo teletrabajan las prostitutas?

HEY LOVE acompaña a siete mujeres en su vida laboral entre pantallas, maquillaje, masturbación paga y preocupaciones cotidianas. Siete historias que hablan de tabúes sociales y límites personales en la industria de sexo virtual.

The documentary HEY LOVE presents seven women* at their work – between keyboards, make up, paid masturbation and everyday worries. Seven stories that tell about social taboo and personal limits in the booming business of digital sex work.

About the directors / Sobre las directoras

 Born in Germany and located in Colombia since seven years, Hanna Thiesing unites social activism and ethnographic approaches in her audiovisual work. La vida es de los arriesgados (44 min, 2016) is about the fight of Colombian farmers against a multinational petrol company. The documentary Stopping La Colosa, Reclaiming our Territory (26min, 2017) shows an indigenous community on their democratic mission to mobilize a referendum against one of the biggest gold mining projects in Latin America. She produced both movies independently. They were shown on different Colombian and German film festivals. Since 2019, she is member of Veladas, a performative collective that aims to show female voices in Colombian Literature.
Isabel Härdtle was born in Oldenburg, Germany and studied Anthropology in Bonn, Sevilla and Frankfurt (Oder). Her focus is on creative empowerment and alternative storytelling approaches: She created new forms of urban participation with students in Madagascar and helped to build up querstadtein, where she developed city tours with former homeless in Berlin. In 2019, she studied photography in Bogotá, Colombia, being interested in the usage of camera for visual work that would create an exchange of perspectives and fighting stereotypes. She works as a mediator and conflict consultant in Berlin and is part of various feminist collectives.


Directoras: Isabel Härdtle y Hanna Thiesing.
Productora: Isabel Härdtle y Hanna Thiesing.
Duración: 16 minutos
Idioma: Español
Año: 2020



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